Two Minutes with… Lee Duffy Jan 04, 2019

Name: Lee Duffy


Date of birth: 7/10/1991


Height: 5:11


Weight: 12 stone


From: Dublin


Position: Striker/LW/RW


Occupation: Plumber


Favourite player of all time? Cristiano Ronaldo


Favourite meal? Chicken wings, Steak Sandwich an a Chocolate brownie


Best pre-match breakfast as a player? Eggs and turkey bacon


How do you prepare for a game player? Get plenty of sleep an making sure I’m eating good an drinking plenty of water


What’s your usual routine player? Usually would get up at 6 in the morning go to work eat right through out the day get of early because of the game go home sleep for an hour or so then get ready to go my game on the Friday night.. it will be a bit different with Warrenpoint because we play on Saturdays I don’t work on Saturdays so I will be able to sleep in longer so I’m happy about that.. Tomorrow is my first game in a Saturday so it will be new to me.


Any lucky traditions? No lucky traditions


Favourite book? I don’t really read to many book but I told myself I would start this year


Person you most admire? My Mum


3 guests for dinner, dead or alive? Cristiano Ronaldo/Messi/Roy keane


Football Honours?  I haven’t won anything professionally but I’m hoping that will change very soon


Previous club? Shelbourne, Drogheda United, Langford Town and Wexford FC