Meet the Supporter: Paul Trainor Oct 12, 2018

1.How long have you supported Warrenpoint Town?

Around 20 years


2.What’s your first memory?

My first memory is going to watch and support the team play a Mid Ulster game and I was told to strip out and played the second half even setting up a goal for Sean Kerr.


3.Any funny stories from your time as a supporter? Funniest memory to date is when Raime Woods came on the bus to and from Ballinamallard. He hasn’t been seen on a bus since. Think his head print is still in the roof. Great bus driver that day too!


4.Your favourite current/past player?

Favorite player would be John Boyle.


5.Your favourite away trip?

Favorite away trip has to be Ballymena for the banter and session we have in Brendan Boyles aunties bar.


6.Your favourite goal?

Stephen McCabes strike against Donegal Celtic.


7.Any favourite matches?

2nd leg play off against Donegal Celtic. Didn’t know we had that many fans.


8.If you could sign any player from another Irish League club, who would it be?

Andrew Mitchell of Glenavon