Investigation & Disciplinary Process Launched Feb 03, 2020

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Warrenpoint Town FC do not condone the actions of Mark Byrne at Saturdays Irish Cup game and have commenced an internal investigation as well as a normal disciplinary procedure.

Connaire McGreevy, Chairman, said “following the 87th minute winning goal by Ballymena a number of spectators jumped the fence to celebrate with the Ballymena players.

“Watching the video of the event, it is evident Mark Byrne was physically assaulted.

“This assault and the sectarian verbal abuse were reported to the referee at the time.

“It is important that we are mindful of the mental wellbeing of the 19 year old following the vile abuse that was reported by the media present, players and spectators.

“In the video footage we have, the Ballymena ‘fans’ are clearly visible jumping up on the barrier and collapsing the barrier onto the playing surface.

“Our stewards have moved in and taken physical and verbal abuse in attempts to hold the fence back up.

“We are collecting further evidence of the events that took place after the restart of the game up until the final whistle.

“We do not condone the actions of Mark.  There is no place in football or society for violence.

“This is an isolated incident at Milltown and is the opposite of the fantastic community spirt that has been at Milltown for decades including all previous visits of Ballymena United FC.

“However, there is an bad element of abuse that is emerging from some sections of ‘fans’ and we commend NIFL for calling it out last week and urge the Irish FA to urgently tackle it before it gets worse.

 “We will conclude our internal investigations and work with the Irish FA and PSNI on any investigations they will commence.

“Mark will be disciplined for the red card offence through our normal procedures.