Interview: Conall Hoey (Background Team) Jun 11, 2018

Interview: Conall Hoey

Team: Warrenpoint Town F.C

Position: Performance and Rehabilitation Coach


What qualifications do you have?

I did my graduate degree in AthleticTherapy at Dublin City University(BSc). This degree specialises in the treatment, rehabilitation and conditioning of musculoskeletal injuries.I am currently doing a MSc in Strength and conditioning at St Mary’s University London.


Did you work in professional or amateur sport in Ireland before your position as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with Warrenpoint FC?

As part of the requirement for my degree, I had to undertake a placement .I spent three months working with Wolves F.C first team and lead Academy Rehabilitation and strength sessions whilst there. I then returned back home and completed my degree. I have worked with a Dublin Minor Leinster winning team, louth minors and hurlers, and various Gaa teams in Dublin and Louth Gaa respectively. I got accepted to undertake a Masters in St Marys University London. Mid way through the masters, I got an opportunity to work in New Zealand and Australia .I worked in a top class multidisciplinary clinic for one year in New Zealand with a team of physios, trainers, massage therapist ’s, a psychologist and nutritionist and with a wide range of athletes including Rugby, Football, Rowing and Athletics. My time in Australia I attended the have spent time with professional Rugby union teams such as Sydney Roosters and Brumbies and made many club visits to Queensland reds, Brisbane broncos and Collingwood where I got to meet with different coaches and learn from them.I got a call from Stephen offering me a position as lead S&C coach for Warrenpoint F.C,I was returning from my experience down under and without hesitation I accepted the offer.


What does your role involve? What are your day to day / week to week responsibilities?

My work at the club’s will vary under a wide range disciplines that include strength & conditioning, Player Screening, GPS analysis, Rehab, and prescribing conditioning programmes to help put the players in their best and strongest condition to play.


What skills are needed to be a Performance and Rehabilitation Coach?

Numerous skills are needed such as being; team orientated, supporting the club’s programmes, being attentive to each individual player, being able to pick up on cues from players such as their mood/mental state, having a good eye for detail, presenting well, ability to dissect and analyse data and bringing a positive attitude towards group contribution.



What do you find satisfying/fulfilling about your previous roles and what excites you about future role?

The most satisfying aspect of the job is that I am working in the area that I have am hugely passionate for. No two days are the same, there are always challenges thrown at you. There is an opportunity to push yourself and better yourself everyday and help other do the same. I look forward to helping Stephen and background team create a Culture that embodies hard work, resilience and a winning mindset. Stephen has laid out to me his plans for this team and it is exciting and I am relishing the opportunity. The most rewarding part of the job is obviously reflected in the success of the team.