Club Information

Formed in 1988 the club has gone from strength to strength. Initially a couple of men’s teams playing local pub football, the club can now boast its own facilities and a grand total of 14 teams.

The seniors play in the NIFL Danske Bank Premiership League having won the NIFL Championship in 2017 marking our second period in the Premiership..

The 12 youth teams play in local and national leagues and are ably coached by a growing number of dedicated and certified IFA badge coaches. The future looks bright but fundraising continues to be essential to ensure continuity of football for all.


Chairman: Connaire McGreevy

Vice Chairman: John Bird – 07707926971

Director: Brain Reid –

Director : Michael Gray

Director: Michael McGivern

Director : Michael Gilsenan

Club Secretary: Jack Gilsenan – 07871973611


Manager: Barry Gray

Assistant Manager: Gavin Dykes

1st Team Coach: Robert McQuillan

Goalkeeping Coach: Alan Cooke

Academy Manager: Aaron McNeill

Youth Development Officer: Andy Murdock

Club Physio: Julie Barry


Kit Manager: Mark Duffy

Head Groundsman: Steven Kelly

Liaison Officer: Robert Mc Cabe 07879877187

Disability Access officer’s: Mrs Maria Bird – 07843757945

Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer: Michael Gray – 07802 664 375

Club Chaplain: Andy Burns

Club Bar Manager: Elton Cowan

Safety Officer: Raymond Woods Jnr

Supporters Liasion Officer: Brendan Curtis

Hospitality: Cathi Cunnigham

Club Shop: Brendan Boyle, Sinead Boyle

Media Officer: Darren Mc Polin –  

General Manager: Aoife Downey

Commercial Team: Garrett O’Hare


Academy Coaching Teams

Academy Manager & Head of Recruitment: Aaron McNeill

U16s Coaching Team: Marcus Woods (Lead Youth Development Phase Coach), Niall McCann (Lead Youth Development Phase Coach), Conor Fegan (Youth Development Phase Coach), Sean Watters (Youth Development Phase Coach)

U18s Coaching Team: Stefano Greco (Lead Development Phase Coach), Ronan Farrelly (Development Phase Coach), Kevin McKenna (Goalkeeping Development Phase Coach) 

U20s Coaching Team: Seamus Heath (Lead Development Phase Coach), Kyle Rendall (Development Phase Coach), Andrew McCartney (Development Phase Coach), Graeme Bailie (Lead Goalkeeping Development Phase Coach), James Mason (Team Attendant)


Youth Coaching Teams

Youth Development Officer: Andy Murdock 07517232263

U8s Coaching Team: Darren O’Hare (Lead Coach), Niall Matthews Coach)

U9s Coaching Team: Andrew Murdock (YDO), 

U10s Coaching Team: Niall McCluskey (Lead Coach)

U11s Coaching Team: Gerry Trainor (Lead Coach), Dermot Mathers (Coach)

U12s Coaching Team: Andrew Murdock (YDO)

U13s Coaching Team: Brendan Boyle (Lead Coach) 07511 578 673, John Boyle (Coach), Franco Trainor (Coach)

U14s Coaching Team: Kieran Cunnigham (Coach) 07738 884 133 , Elton Cowan (Coach)

U14s Colts Coaching Team: Colm Murphy (Lead Coach), Johnny Bird (Coach)

U15s Coaching Team: Brian Powell (Lead Coach) 07730 468 644 , David Reynolds (Coach) , William Conn (Coach)

U16s Colts Coaching Team: Paul Harris (Lead Coach)


Some of our core documents are listed below and can be downloaded by clicking the link.

Code of Conduct for Coaches

Code of Expectations for Parents and Guardians

Code of Conduct for Children and Young People

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

Safeguarding Children Appendix 1 to 5

Financial Statements as per UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regs.

**During the year 2019 Warrenpoint Town FC did not pay any fees to agents or intermediaries.  The objective of Article 47b is to bring more transparency between clubs regarding the financial information available to the public as some clubs in Northern Ireland must disclose financial information whilst others do not.