Injury Prevention FIFA 11+

The FIFA 11+ is an injury-prevention programme which has been specifically designed to prevent football injuries. The programme takes twenty minutes to complete and is designed to be performed twice a week by our academy players. No specific equipment is needed. The FIFA 11+ consists of 15 exercises divided into three separate components.

These are:

Running exercises (8 minutes) Encompassing cutting, change of direction, decelerating and proper landing techniques

Strength, plyometric and balance exercises (10 minutes) Focus on core strength, eccentric control and proprioception

Running exercises (2 minutes) High-speed and change-of-direction running

There are three levels for each specific exercise (level 1, level 2, level 3) that increase the difficulty of each respective exercise. This allows for both individual and team progression throughout the course of the competitive season.

To view all FIFA 11+ exercise videos click here