2 minutes with… Seanna Foster Dec 19, 2017

Name: Seanna Foster


Date of birth:




5 ft 7



10.5 stone



The West



Wide Receiver



Sport Development Officer


Favourite player of all time?



Favourite meal, 3 courses?

Chicken goujons starter, rare steak peppered sauce and chips and chocolate fudge cake


Best pre match breakfast?

3 Poached Eggs and toast preferably white


How do you prepare for a game?

Have breakfast then have to leave early as rest of lads claim they don’t drive.. then doof doof aka Josh Lynch is dj


Any lucky traditions?

Always put left on before right as in socks and boots


Favourite book?

50 shades of grey


Person you most admire?

My parents


3 guests for dinner, dead or alive and why?

Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel from suits.. Self explanatory most people wouldn’t complain


Football Honours?

Won the Northern Ireland cup u14s, u15s


Past clubs?

Glendowan, Plunkett, Sheffield Wednesday, Linfield, Carrick Rangers


Seanna in action