2 minutes with… Berraat Turker Jan 31, 2018

Name: Berraat Turker


Date of birth: 04/10/1991


Height: 6,3


Weight: 90kg


From: Germany


Position: Goalkpeeper


Occupation: Footballer, Personal trainer, Gym Instructor, Trx Coach and Lifeguard


Favourite player of all time? Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima/ Zidane and Oliver Khan


Favourite meal, 3 courses? My dad’s Duck in redwine with red Cabbage and spuds


Best pre-match breakfast as a player? A good old full Irish Breakfast with orange juice , coffee, fruits and a protein shake


How do you prepare for a game player/manager? A good nights sleep with all my gear prepared and mind focused on the task ahead


What’s your usual routine player/manager? I make sure everything i need is clean and ready all the essentials that i need are bought and my mind on track.


Any lucky traditions? I sleep with my Gloves and Boots on a night before a game and I kiss the left and right post and slap the crossbar to help me if needed.


Favourite book? My Life Story but it has yet not been completed, but i usually read History books and political books.


Person you most admire? My Father


Berraat Turker in action