“we had a good attitude and we were unlucky not to come away with any points” Stevie Moan Dec 09, 2017

I don’t know how we lost the game as I thought we were excellent. We started off the game slowly but started to play better and create chances. Sean mackle was unlucky hitting the post that would have put us 1-0 up. Then they went up the pitch and scored which was unlucky. We got back into the game when Marty Murray followed up and scored a rebounder. We then went 2-1 when Darren Murray did well to score a header. We had a big chance before the break which we did not take. This would have put us 3-1 up going in at half time which would have been an even better position to be in. Like I was saying last week, this is the crucial chances that we need to be converting. They got back into the game in the second half. They got their third from another cross into the box. I think that we switched off on these two occasions and got punished. Overall, I think that we had a good attitude today and stuck to our game plan and we were unlucky not to come away with any points. Also, huge credit to our groundsmen who had the grounds in excellent condition for the match.


Linfield Preview

We must turn our attention to next week where we face Linfield away. We lost to Linfield earlier in the season, so we will need to beat our best if we want to pick up some points away from home. I believe that we should go into the game with the same attitude as the crusaders game.